Our City


One of the largest concentrations of Arabs, living outside of the Middle East, is here in Metro Detroit. More specifically in Hamtramck and Dearborn.

Hamtramck is a two square mile city almost entirely surrounded by Detroit. 

Hamtramck was named after a French-Canadian soldier who settled the area. In 1798, the Township of Hamtramck was established and was settled by the French from Quebec.

In 1901 it city was primarily of German farmers. In 1914, when an automobile manufacturing plant opened, the city saw an influx of Polish immigrants and began to flourish. 

In 1910, the population of Hamtramck was 3,559. Between 1910 and 1920, mostly due to the Dodge Brothers ‘plant, the city’s population grew to over 45,056. In 1922, to protect against annexation by Detroit, Hamtramck incorporated itself as a city.

Since then, Hamtramck has become home to immigrants and refugees from the Middle East and South Asia, particularly from Yemen and Bangladesh. At least twenty-six languages are spoken in Hamtramck, which really does make it "The World in Two Square Miles".

In 2013 Hamtramck became the first US city to have a majority-Muslim population, and elections in 2015 made the city the first to elect a Muslim-majority council in the country.

Dearborn, bordering Detroit, has a population that includes 40,000 Arab Americans. The Arab Muslim community built the Islamic Center of America, the largest mosque in North America.