Residency Details


The Detroit Movements Residency, a 9 month training program, exists to equip disciples to catalyze movements among Muslims. 


Who is the Residency for? Individuals desiring to serve in Muslim contexts

When does it start and end? This Fall (2019), September-May

What does it cost?: $1,000 (This covers Residency classes and materials. Rent and other expenses are separate and students are responsible for them.)

Where can I get more information? Check out the rest of our website, or contact


Student Weekly Rhythms

Residency Class Meetings 

  • Equipping: Weekly teaching and trainings from people with experience in Muslim ministry.

  • Worship/Intersession: Movements of God are always undergirded by consistent and abundant prayer. This will be a foundation of the Residency as well!

Ministry Hours, this is a large portion of the residency, putting into practice what we've learned.

Antioch Discipleship School, one evening a week (Suggested for those who have not completed ADS in the past)

  • The core components of the school are biblical worldview, the character of God, developing life skills, personal wholeness, and a great commission mindset.

Full or Part Time Work